2012 Organize Anything Top 10 Best Organizing Products 

The annual Organize Anything Top 10 List has been released. A comprehensive collection of products for  anyone who lives life at full speed, the Top 10 List includes items for your home, office and leisure.

Organize Anything compiles the list based on suggestions from clients, manufacturer’s test products and experience.

1. Folding Cargo Trunk Bag Organizer
We adore the Folding Cargo Bag Trunk Organizer from Case Logic because it’s so convenient! This fabulous top-zip collapsible cargo bag rids your trunk of clutter. It’s also a fantastic way to get your groceries home without spilling a single bag – who hasn’t suffered the frustration of produce scattered across your trunk? It attaches to the floor of your trunk with hook attachment strips, has three oversized mesh pockets for easy access and collapses for under seat or side cargo pocket storage. Order yours online at www.caselogic.com ("at" caselogic)

2. Frog Box
Planning to move your home or office this year? Hate searching for the traditional cardboard boxes to pack up all your belongings? Want to minimize your environmental impact during your move? We are so excited to introduce you to FROGBOX. This innovative company rents out reusable, environmentally plastic boxes and moving supplies for you to use – they’ll even drop off the boxes and pick them up from your new location! Need to know more? Visit www.frogbox.com to find all the details.

4. Travel Pill Pal with Alarm
Whether you’re taking a new medication, on-the-go, traveling to a different time zone or simply want to ensure you never miss a dose, the Pill Pal with an Alarm from Austin House is a great gadget! You can program four individual alarms and it uses an easy-to-replace button watch battery. We love how simple it is to use and that it stands up to the hustle-and-bustle of your busy life. Find it online at www.austinhouse.com.

4. Umbra Garbini
When you’re constantly on the go it can be difficult to keep your car clean, which is why we’re big fans of the Umbra Garbini. This desktop container fits in the cup holder of your car and is the perfect garbage can! Perfect for grab-and-go cleaning, you can always bring it in the house, rinse it out and use it in the kitchen, bathroom or office as an organizer. You can order these mini-garbage cans online at www.urbaneonline.ca or pick one up from your local DeSerres Art Store.

5. Kangaroo Keeper
Are you one of the many women who suffer from “purse
disaster-itis?” We put the Kangaroo Keeper on our list this year because it transforms the inside of your purse from a disorganized mess into a tidy, functional, useable bag. We love that once you organize the contents, you can quickly move the Kangaroo Keeper between bags so you’re always ready to go. You can order it online at www.kangarookeeper.ca or find it in your local “As Seen On Tv” outlet store.

6. Pinterest.com
Pride yourself on being on the cutting edge of style? Want to keep up with the latest DIY projects? Love to share your favourite products like we do? Check out Pinterest – an online pin board where you can showcase things you love and discover new favourites.  Join the discussion at www.pinterest.com,and be sure to visit our boards at www.pinterest.com/organizeanything. ("at" pinterest)

7. Grid It
We were first introduced to the Grid It by Cocoon at the National Association of Professional Organizer’s Annual Conference in San Diego, and we fell in love with it. It comes in several sizes but we love the smallest size because it fits perfectly into a shoulder bag or laptop case. Storing small, loose objects within the woven bands means you won’t lose your cords or thumb drives again! Order it online at www.cocooninnovations.com ("at" cocoonbags)

8. Digging Out
We get so many calls from frustrated loved ones concerned about family members who they believe to be hoarders. Hoarding is a complex problem, and this wonderful book by Michael A. Tompkins and Tamara L. Hartl, will help concerned friends and family members navigate the relationship issues that arise when someone you care about has a hoarding problem.  It’s full of tips and guides to help you identify hoarding patterns, create a harm reduction plan, and how to help your loved one seek the professional treatment they need. A must-read for anyone who thinks that they have a hoarder in their life, you can find this book at all major book stores both online and in person. We use Amazon.ca - www.amazon.ca/Digging-Out-Hoarding-Compulsive-Acquiring.

9. Sterilite 5.7L Clear Containers
Simple, affordable and sturdy are three reasons we’ve listed Sterilite 5.7L Clear Containers in 2012. Fantastic for storing everything from craft supplies to your seasonal clothes, you can see what’s in the box without having to open it and riffle through it. Stack them in your garage or storage closet for easy access. You can purchase Sterilite anywhere storage containers are sold. ("at" SteriliteCorp)

10. “Give a Goat” Charitable Donations
In 2012, mix things up a little when it comes to your gift giving. We all have too many “things” cluttering up our lives, so instead of adding to the chaos with a material gift, buy a goat – or school supplies, a hand pump, a fruit tree, mosquito netting and more – in someone’s name. We love the idea of including others and building community through charitable giving. There are so many wonderful organizations you can donate to – we’re fans of the options the Christian Children’s Fund gives you. Find out more at www.ccfcanada.ca ("at" ccfc)


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