Laura Thornton

Fascinated by language and the spoken word since early childhood, Laura has a bachelor of journalism from Carleton University and an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations from NSCC. An avid user of social media, Laura can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. She believes that the key to great social media application is about understanding what your audience wants. Finding innovative ways to get clients started in social media, and tweaking the experience of those already established, is one of Laura’s favourite jobs. And Laura knows what an audience wants. With years of experience in the customer service industry, she excels at listening to a client’s desires and tailoring products and services to their every need. Laura has been recognized by Starbucks Coffee for her exceptional customer service skills. Highly creative, Laura has a background in the performing arts. She brings that experience with her to provide outside-the-box marketing ideas. 

Laura has a proven track record when it comes to engaging clients and customers, approaching problems with an understanding of the “big picture” situation. Outside of work, Laura keeps involved in the Halifax arts scene by judging with the Canadian Improv Games – a competitive high school improv theatre league. She works with SAINTS ALIVE! Theatre Society as a producer, and is currently their webmaster. Laura also brings project and event management experience to Organize Anything. She is able to assist in creating a perfect event, managing a move or helping to organize anything you can think up.


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