Debbie Twohig

With a diverse background in project management, creative endeavours and a keen understanding of what an entrepreneur needs in today's market, Debbie Twohig is thrilled to be a part of the Organize Anything team. Beyond being an event planning mastermind, Debbie brings years of marketing experience to her Organize Anything clients.

Her attention to detail and superior communication skills help clients get the job done whether she is assisting with a website, social media or virtual assistant services. 

Debbie also coordinates the keynotes, seminars and companion program logistics for Organize Anything President, Colette Robicheau when she is speaking at conferences, corporate meetings and special events. Had Debbie chosen, she could have been a retail maven, a professional fundraiser, an accountant or an interior decorator.  Instead she chose to meld all those talents into a career in arts presentation and production.  Possessing the unique ability to draw equally from the creative and logical brain functions combined with over two decades of experience, she has honed her skills in a number of key areas. When it comes right down to it, the bottom line of any event is always the bottom line. 

Whether you need to raise your funds through grant applications, sponsorship proposals, charity shows, gala dinners or advertising; or disburse it on the myriad of expenditures required to execute any project, budget administration and project cost control is crucial. Debbie approaches each financial challenge with experience, intelligence and a clear understanding of financial matters.

A deep personal commitment to  world class and unique performances, imagination and innovation, eclectic exposure, excellent project creation and her ability to thrill and entertain, are just a few of the kudos Debbie has earned over the years.

Combining top notch entertainment with cultural and social relevance has become her forte. Encompassing everything from world renowned to community initiatives, the experience she brings to any event is invaluable to the success of many events, communities and performers.

Arranging everything from travel arrangements to ticket sales, sponsor satisfaction to audience appreciation, scheduling everybody and sourcing everything can be a daunting task.  Debbie applies a professional work ethic, tenacity, patience with a meticulous eye for detail which brings all these challenges to a seamless solution.


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